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A bit of me….

I see myself as an apprentice of the dream!

For me, there have been a number of people who have inspired me to dream…

That is how I see being a writer, we are all motivated to create dreams that inspire/give hope/challenge and frighten,all to make people feel or think differently about life and their part in it. Fantasy, or fact based, the imagination still needs an outlet to express the dream, we as writers, are its tool of conveyance.

Being aware all the time, well, most of the time to the world around us, gives us insight into the exciting and ever-changing ‘looking glass’ of life. Sometimes the lens are askew or misty, you never quite know the perspective that a character will want to be seen, and how they will reflect back through you to make a story. For me. this makes writing exciting.

Since primary school, nearly 30 odd years ago, I have been a dreamer, never really ‘fitting into the mainstream or part of the ‘in/it crowd’ of kids.  Teachers often would comment on my being in my own wee world, this was fine with me as long as I was left alone to ‘escape’ into books or daydream. They are the keys to how I kept my sanity.

I was, and still am to some extent painfully whakama (shy). People mainly see me as out going but this is a mask I choose to wear and it is only through my writing I become free, to be true to myself or with those I allow to ‘see’ the real me. I am prone to putting my mouth in motion before the brain is in gear, which can lead to some very embarrassing and funny moments. (Though I am getting better with age!) Also having struggled with a mild stutter as a child, writing enabled me to express myself clearly.

As I have grown up writing has become my passion, and as I’ve traveled, I’ve found being a wee bit eccentric is pretty normal, phew! Writing is my healer, my sanity saver, through all the heartache and despair my muse has never stopped reaching out to encourage me to write the stories only I can tell.

Poetry had been my main avenue of expression but as I became more serious about writing, I found new roads to explore, new stories to tell. Short stories mainly, and an impending novel are in the works.

At this point in my life I can’t dedicate myself to a full-time career writing but certainly hope to in the next 10 to 12 years. I live to write, to not write isn’t even an option, ever!

Deepest gratitude to those of you who have been with me so far….love you to bits. I’m still learning to let others into my life, I know I can be hard work!

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