How do you carry on When your heart breaks? Going through the motions Numb, on auto pilot. Two fractured sides One screaming at the Unreality of your leaving. The other....just existing In a sureal reality. Dam will break, eventually. Or I will revert to the Old habits. Burying the pain, self medicated In unhealthy ways. … Continue reading Mum.


Be the best you can be.

What an amazing few weeks it has been. Some amazing highs and lowest of lows.  It is one of those cross road seasons, which road to take? Hmm, we shall see. The rest of my year is going to be full on and will no doubt fly by. Seriously 💖 studying again, it is so … Continue reading Be the best you can be.

Working the process

Below is part of a post I shared with a FB group.  It is an interesting time in my life as I acknowledge, heal and release.  Allowing myself to feel the emotions I've been so scared to show for fear of never being able to stand the pain that goes with. BUT by not doing … Continue reading Working the process

My Wish for you

My wish for you this Christmas is a time of pure joy, deep happiness, lasting memories and abiding love. I wish you...the very best in life contenment and satisfaction in relationships, fun and laughter that comes from the heart of a child, lover, family or friends. I wish your 2015 to be the best yet. … Continue reading My Wish for you

Suicides Truth…Silent Killer

I wrote the following poem a few years after I came up out of that very dark,scary pit of despair.  If you want to know what it is like...then read on. ONE WAY OUT. Don't dare tell me to 'Snap out of it,' 'Get over it,' 'Deal with it,' Or worse 'Just give yourself time!' … Continue reading Suicides Truth…Silent Killer


A friend wrote on FB 'Suicide doesn't end your pain.... It just transfers it to the people who love you.' My response was, It is such a subtle lie...having been on the verge in my deepest depression. You feel that your family and friends are better off without you. Watching you suffering, tormented etc, is … Continue reading Suicide